Saturday, April 23, 2005

The genius of Genting Highland


This would be the usual slogan for casino lepak-er at the blackjack gambling table. It was shouted out (not really but sometimes) by patron as a scorn for the banker (Genting) to “explode”. But why don't they say explode, or bao (exploded in cantonese) and etc ?? Well perhaps it due to superstitious reasons. If you notice, they don't utter pecah in the correct pronunciation, it is chanted as “bea-cah” (sounds like buying car in Hokkien). My analysis is this, they want to say bao(explode in chinese) but can't do it because “bao” 暴also means 暴才。Instead, they chose “pecah” and pronounce it in a funny way (off peak way), or it is because of the broken Malay or the so called slang of chinese (the patron) who made such pronunciation a trademark.

Casino de Genting (the main casino) has since been much better, cleaner, more organized and less crowded. Or perhaps this time round is no peak season, nevertheless there is another casino at first world hotel which is called Starworld. Another thing is that they are easing on the rules and regulation, such as no more strict attire compared to previous ruling which requires men to wear proper formal dress or batik shirt. Perhaps during those days, they wanted to instil high class image to it (Casino) but since it is also been “beacah” standard, they might as well take it off. Now, it is much different. Anyone can go in there except nudist, police officer still stand guard to shield off potential underage God of gambler wannabe.

The only difference between Casino de Genting and Starworld is that the later are operated by freshies; supervisors and croupiers are mainly of younger generation. So perhaps this place act as a training ground for the young generations before they could serve at Casino de Genting which is operated by old hands. Anyone, I believe that they have successful transform casino from gambling to gaming image, with the ease of attire code and having a second arm run by youngster. This is important because if you lose money in a game it would fetch much better comfort than losing money in a gambling, just a game dude. Although I didn't attempt to play any of the games, it did make me wonder if the betting amount allowed for Starworld is much lesser than Casion de Genting.

Nevertheless, the setting up of Casino at Singapore is good thing for the industry because it makes the players strive harder to be of better in terms of quality and etc. Competitions make the industry better by instilling the need for excellency as well as make someone stronger. A winner would feel better glory in an arena of many competitors compared to those which rule by monopolies. However, if I run a software business, I would hope for some form of competition because it acts as a way to define sanity in the society. For instance, if a company specializes in human cloning, it would have to bear all sort of human rights allegation and etc if it were the only one in the market. Having other competitors around would prove the business concept to be more acceptable and more sanity. Thus Genting would always welcome the establishment of a Casino in Singapore because this would actually enforces the image of gaming to the Casino business since the latter is known for its strict regulations and high standard of living in South East Asia.

Some analyst claimed that Genting would lose its customer from Johor and Singapore, I would say that unless they are referring to “big” customer, then there is a possibility in the long run. I wouldn't visit Singapore just because of its Casino, this means that the effect on tourism would not be significant in the short-run. However, I would visit Singapore Casino if I were blacklisted by Genting. Therefore, there must be a reason on why Singapore want to allow for building of a casino since it is not expecting much of the local to be part of the revenue by having many rules and regulations. And since it won't benefit much of tourism yet while they have to scratch their head to determine a good location for the Casino, this project is simply not a regular development project. Or perhaps it is the China factor?

Singapore has always been generous with Chinese from the mainland of China and China reciprocates by allowing direct entry of a Singaporean passport without visa into the vast land. Many China-man already know about Singapore, but since they are gaming-enthusiast, Singapore casino would make them travel harder to Singapore hoping to earn Singaporean dollars from the roulette. The high expectation for inflow of China-man into Singapore would strengthen the relationship between China and Singapore. We have to bear this in mind, Singapore has a lot of inventions but limited market while China too has a lot of inventions but unlimited market. Nobody would ever gets enough of a country where even one province has more population than the whole of Malaysia and of course Singapore which is only the size of Selangor. Thus is China the last frontiers of human civilization, what is next after China, assumed that it would be conquered one day, nobody even cares!

I really been wondering... why is Genting successful? Is it because of the Casino which many visited but only a portion of patrons are into it. Yes, it is operated on 24 hours basis and 365 days a year. So Genting is marking a lot of money from people but it also contributed much to the society by having a workforce of nearly 11 thousands. If you convert it to year, that would be 30 years as compared to you for just one day. It means that Genting one day is equivalent to your 30 years. Needless to speak, they spend a fortune on salaries monthly, therefore what is it that Genting is so unique ?

I figure figure figure and then I noticed the unstopping constructions that are happening around the highland. They are just not stopping it, they have the ability to provide you with things which other can't afford to. Sunway group can't match them because they are expert in highland contructions where it seems that they are able to link almost any part of the resort as a single entity and they did it with the most successful way, and they are all victories. So I guess that Genting is unique because of its engineering feat. Would construction contributes to much of its revenue ? Thus, how does a construction company makes money ? Identify funding and develop the project with the cheapest way possible, thus benefiting from the balance. Genting has its own factory, engineering expertise and workers, how much benefits can it have ? Perhaps the winner is cash flow management, where in Genting the tap will never dry.


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tastyshit said...

Nice blog but you really need to improve your English writing skills-there's too many funny grammatical errors.

tastyshit said...

Nice blog but you really need to improve your English writing skills-there's too many funny grammatical errors.