Saturday, April 09, 2005

been busy or busy blogging

I have been so busy contributing blogs at the other side that this part has been neglected..

some people ask me why are you so free ?
My answer is that I have not time to smoke cigaratte, I have not time for Calsberg and I have no time for clubbing.

Some people said "your blog contains adult material"
My answer is "To attract your attention"

Some people said "is your information correct?"
My answer is "sir, please if you have comments I welcome you to post it to my blog so that I can update myself. I thank you very much for that. I never claimed to be correct in the first place"

ok, so what is happening now ? what am I thinking..?
Rumours (rumours only!) circulating around the email-fowarding community regarding the possibility of another Tsunami coming to Asia, between 13th and 15th of April 2005. The prediction is based on the fact that animal could sense it before we do. Evidence is that sea cucumber washed up to the shore at Port Dickson recently and whales tried to walk the beach at Australia.

So, if any of you belief in anything, just be careful lar. Don't blame me for spoiling your vacation mood.

also, check out the following sites..
please, we are in the web community, whatever that has been posted may or maynot be accurate. Please use your own discretion.

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