Wednesday, April 13, 2005

history bite

China recent spat with Japan over the following issue

Japan request to have a permanent seat at the U.N council.

1. Japan is not qualified to become a U.N council because it fails to own up to atrocities before and during WWII. Therefore, Japan cannot win the trust of the people in Asia because it doesn't respect history.

China is trying to replace Japan as a big economic phenomenon, Japan is trying to interfere that. China make use of history as reason for such aggressive attacks.

What a wonder ? I never thought about that.. history can kill you. Just like how those HR managers would evaluate you for a job... they look at your current degree (universities, grades) and then look at your A-Levels, then SPM and PMR then shoot you with case-study. Then they conclude that you are either qualify or not-qualified. Everyone forgotten the fact that we all been worked hard to achieve your qualifications, and we have paid for that.

So history is a mean to classify one to a society. if that is so, shouldn't history be factored in as part of law making process, why would the opposition fight so hard for future issues ? isn't Malaysian history enough to cater for all the dispute ?

I guess sometimes, people tried to avoid looking at the history to avoid giving you the good credits. Particularly in Malaysia, nobody cares about the history except for HR managers.

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