Monday, February 28, 2005

Skin for blood...

i just received this .. (looks like somewhere in china.. cool places, couldn't be south east asia, they speak heavy-slang mandarin..)

the english version wasn't well translated.. let me do it again.

Original description in mandarin:

This video extract will guaranty your tears. It is about animal being tortured, where limbs chopped off with no mercy and then skins being shedded off when they were still alive, to be utilized as leather grass. Such pitiful bear, within just a few minutes they become disfigured, body filled with blood, even the facial skin was being torn off. Pitiful bears, they thought that it is somekind of capital punishment, when they don't know what sinned have they committed to deserve it. Even animal sheds tears, for those who likes to buy leather grass, are you sure you know what you are doing ? These animal suffered and even died because of your so called "era peak", and they not just died like that, but in a painful manner. (just like how Jesus being tortured) If you notice carefully, the bears tried to stand up, struggled to survive again, but they eventually succumbed to reality until death. Through the eyes of such video, I can't hold back my tears, and it made me realized why SARS appeared in this planet. This is because human inhuman acts of killing innocent animal caused the inevitable reactions. Haven't you think harder, what if you are the one being tortured, skin shedded off ... how would you feel, can you sum up courage to live without skin ? Celebrities likes to wear such leather grass, but little did they know that many souls come with it.

and I say to you.. brothers and sisters.. eating cow, goat, chickens, fish and other animals would have the same effect as well. it is just the same.. We all shed tears, just like how jesus did when he was being tortured. His hand trumbled, his whole world collapsed suddenly, not knowing what would happen next, he feared for humanly body..because pain is still pain.