Monday, February 14, 2005

Feng Shui Business Card

Feng Shui Business Card... this people are definitely what i called the enterpreneur.

it seems that they know everything about your business from your business card.. and they are selling an ebook offering information to their knowledge. To me, it should be quite a good investment for USD48 because you actually get to have more things to talk to people during business meetings and etc.

in fact, one of the biggest mistake (according to them) is to have your name(small font) directly below the company(big big font), this would means that you become the pillar of the company, and thus you need to work very hard to sustain the business. you will be suprised, many people, especially small enterprises.. suffered this problem.

another thing is that, for my case (keke), if your name is same level as the company's name or logo, you will tend to attempt to be the boss. it is bad feng shui for your boss.

the following person must sure be boss..

the following card is the best so far..

The company is supported by 3 pillars (main income come from handphone), and also supported by a fixed location (very stable) and by big guys (Sony, Nokia, Samsung)... very stable company.

well..well.. well... only if you want to believe in this, then perhaps you can consult Feng Shui Business Card.


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