Sunday, February 27, 2005

having career

thesedays not many of us having careers.. because we are working to cover our expenses more than doing thing which we are passionate with...

being in sales for 1 year+ helps me realized that sales job can never be a career. You can't have passion to sell because selling involves give and take as well as strategies planning & rejection, not only that you can't guaranty selling one or few things forever. Sales is really about making money.. In retrospect, selling insurance is a little different because you are actually selling knowledge to people, much more like an educator or facilitator. So being a teacher is a career but money may not seems good.

HOw about computer programmer ? this is a bit tough because writing software is not like painting. which flows alongside feelings. Software writing involves careful planning and proper risks management to avoid time wastage. I guess if you can write any software at any time and thus you can have a career as software writer, otherwise it is much more like a profession.

Being CEO, managers.. that is all profession and not career. Being policemen and fireman ?? well, i would like to think that being Batman is a career, not sure about being security guard.

Sportsman ?? definitely. Same goes to actor, musician, chef, dancer, book writer,journalist..

Therefore, in all, having a career is like being in love. Being a buddhist monk is a career.. you just got to love it everyday.. it rests in your thoughts every moment, whatever you do, you just got to think of it.

One thing for sure, having a career doesn't guaranty finantial success, you might be dead broke. Being a professinal, you need to rest at least during Sunday because you can't pretend all the time that you love doing something which you don't actually like but good at.

Some people never have a career in this lifetime, simply because they don't like doing the same thing all the time or perhaps they are too constrained by hard reality, and have no time to spare for passion pursuit.

Being in direct sales business, could it be a career ? I don't think so, unless you are the founder or you are a great leader. So it is not about direct sales but it is about being a founder of certain idea or leader that would influence many.

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