Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Happy Chinese New Year ! 新年快乐


so another chinese new year...

this year is supposed to be a good year for those with "horse" sign. We are expected to have good health,wealth and etc. So it is good for me.

This is year, just like any other year, the weather is extremely tough. Sometimes you just felt really too heavy to do anything.. and time was just wasted away. Nevertheless, this year is a bit different for me because i figure the following things.

1. If I need to be successful i would need to be get started off by this year.
2. If I ever wanted to get married I would also need to start by this year.

So, this year is pretty pressure year for me, with a lot of expectations from my personal sides.

I would really appreciate to sit in the same place and time next year and to write another blog reporting my achievement by next year chinese new year.

I wish all my friends and reader of this blog a happy and properous chinese new year.

Because the weather is really hot now, i also like to dedicate the following information to you...

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