Wednesday, February 09, 2005

For adult only...

1. Food that contains natural mood enhancer?
2. Food to increase production of sperm, testosterone and vaginal lubrication?
->Whole grain, because they contain zinc.
3. Food that contain chemical which is similiar to male hormone?
4.Food to increase virility?
5.vegetables was used by the ancient Greeks as an aphrodisiac?
6.Which food with when consumed with vodka to create an enhanced romantic mood?
7. Spanish fly(an aprodisiac), can become toxic when used wrongly, is made of ?
->Ground up beetles.
8. How can drinking help with sexual activities ?
-> Release anxiety and release inhibitors.
9. Food release body's own testosterone into the bloodstream ?
-> Green oat (Avena sativa). Some said that Tongkat Ali is even better.
10. Celibate Egyptian priests were forbidden to eat which of the following because they were thought to be such strong aphrodisiacs?

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