Sunday, February 13, 2005

chinese new year over again..

i will be heading back to work tomorrow... basically i have been on holiday for around 8 days... and still felt like it was too short..

this chinese new year was pretty ..well, as usual it was really hot (weather) .. i felt like most of the time was wasted..though most of the time is that you are preparing to eat and then prepare for the next meal and then prepare to eat again...

almost everything is related to eating.. my mom is always busy cooking and etc. But anyway, I felt that chinese new year was created for other reason. First of all, people are supposed to reunite and get together to resolve differences.. secondly, married couple are not supposed to spend too much time together.. they should spend time with other people for just few days..

also, i felt that people should really take time off to sort things out.. for instance, parents can find time to heal the wounds of their kids, or to build their confidence and etc.

sadly, most of the time we just eat only. I even travelled more than 60km to kuala selangor just to grab some seafood with family. We didn't talk much and reflect much about the future during that dinner, just eat and come back again.

we should remember this the next chinese new year.. anyway, still 10 days left.

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