Friday, August 31, 2007

Sierra Pharaoh Tips - Bahariya Oasis

Following the tips for Giza, On and North Dashur.

Now we have the tips for Bahariya Oasis scenario.

This scenario is pretty easy, since all trading are done one land which is more efficient than with dock(for sea). And the abundance of wood supplies make economy really easy. So, I only have four tips.

1. Must buy something only can sell something.
2. Never clear off tree areas, otherwise you will run out of supply for woods.
3. Build two infantries and one archer. Beware of massive Bedoiun attack during year 2450BC.
4. Optimizing storage yard. Never let a storage yard to be completely filled up with just one item such as wood or sandstone.

This would make the storage yard workers really boring because they have so little things to do. It is best to fill up storage yard with a majority item (such as woods and sandstone) and minor with barley, flax, reeds and etc (so that these raw materials can be delivered to factories immediately since workers are not too pre-occupied with other things.) Never have a storage yard to be filled up with more than four items, otherwise the workers will be overworked.

If you made it through North Dashur, On and Giza, this scenario will be sure win.

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