Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sierra Pharaoh Tips - North Dashur

I have been playing this game called Pharaoh by Sierra.

It is an old game, but you may buy it from Amazon.

To play this game, you need to have some skills and techniques. And this website offers much insights. But the walkthroughs isn't comprehensive enough.

I was stuck particularly at the stage of old-kingdom: North Dashur, it took me a few months. But I finally victor after going through some trial and errors.

Here are my tips.

North Dashur:


1. 4 gods. One year can only have 3 celebrations 3 months apart.
2. Need to spend a lot of money in the early stage.


1. Increase wages to 31 deben (at least)

2. Start trading early. Serambit will buy a lot of beer. Build the storage yard close to each other and make sure it is easily accesible.

3. Build things slowly, do not rush to build all temples together. Ideally you should have two temples for Ptah (patron) and Osiris (agriculture). Build shrines even things out.
No need to have lavish festival, just make sure that to hold common festival non-stop, every three months. (switch between gods)

4. Keep a storage full of grain. (for pharaoh request).

5. Quickly sell barley and beer. No need to sell other things.

6. Do not let the the kingdom rate fallen completely. Otherwise, Pharaoh army will keep attacking you.
The most important thing is to pay yearly attribute. (This is done automatically, make sure your deben is not negative)
Send gift occassionally to keep Pharaoh happy. Build a personal mansion to collect salary so that you have the money to send gift.

7. It is alright to have tax rate of 8%.

8. Email me ( for saved games.

9. Setting priorities is important.
    1 - Food & distribution- Granary
    2 - Infrastructure - Firehouse, transportation,
    3 - Health
    4 - Religion
    5 - Industry & commerce- Pottery, brewery, labor & peasant
    6 - Entertainment
    7 - Government - tax
    8 - Education (No priority)
    9 - Military (No priority)

** Priority 1 - 6 mustn't be changed because you will risk people moving away. Setting government as priority is important so that the taxes are collected.
** Whenever foreign army, set the priority to 7.
** Once you have build up a fort of infantry and archer, military can become the last priority, otherwise no one will go and become archer and infantry.

Sometimes you have may to release all priorities if you don't have enough workers. Priority is used at the beginning and ad-hoc (emergency) basis.

The game suggest that the first priority be set to "Food and distribution" while second is "Industry & commerce"

10. Do not over import things. set to minimum import of 200 units.
Once your deben starts to deficit, stop importing especially copper.
The only thing to keep inporting is clay which is very low cost and keep at 200 units.
Import paprypus directly, manufacturing it from reeds is a waste of time and resources.

11. Building a large pyramid doesn't require deben.

The process of building the pyramid.
I. Peasants from work-camp will build the foundation.
II. Once the foundation is done, construction guilds will start to pull stoens (plain stones and lime stones) layer on the foudation.
III. As the first layer of stones are laid, carpenter guilds will need to build wooden staircase to bring construnction guilds to the lext level.
* Only need to have 1 carpenter guild and stonmaster guild.

13. Only need to build one fort of archers and infantries and train them with academy (u also need recruiter and preferrably two units of weapon smith).
Foreign army attacks are of weak nature, except for Pharaoh army which cannot be defeated. Make sure the kingdom rating don't fall to zero.
Pharoah will request for military service. Thus have to build another fort of infantry to fight off one small team of bedouin army attack.

14. How to make sure kingdom rating don't fall to zero ?

    I. Make sure you fulfill Pharaoh request on time. Keep a storage yard full of Grains, Straws and Barley at all time. (three main things it will request)
    It will also request for 24 blocks of limestone at later stage.
    II. Don't let you kingdom rating fall by paying annual attributes. This is done automatically every March should your deben is not zero or negative.
    III. Keep Pharaoh happy by sending gifts to Egypt occassionally. (Similar to having festivals). You need to build a personal mansion to have savings to send gifts.
    IV. Build enough storage yards to accept gifts from Pharaoh. Everytime you fulfill Pharaoh request on time, you will be rewarded with plain stones and coopers (at later stage).
    You probably need 4 storage yards just to reserve for Pharaoh's gifts.

    Falling either one of these might result in Pharaoh's army attack which will comes in two legions.

15. No need to spend too much money building defensives structures, just setup some towers perhaps.
16. Never let the houses run out of food and pottery. This will drive people away. When this happens, the power priority industry will suffer such as goverment and entertainment.
When there is no enough entertainment, more people will leave. Build more grain farms and pottery makers.
17. You need at least 3000 ppl, thus at least 50 blocks of the largest house. Try to accomodate these 50 blocks in a single area, so that you only have to build just one magistrate court, tax collector and health care.
18. When people started to leave the city due to inadequate food, pottery and entertainment. Setting "entertainment" to a higher priority and increasing the wages will bring people back.
19. Build the limestone quarry and storage yards (for storage of limestone) closest to the pyramid building site.

It took me 886 months to victory.

More tips to come.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Brandon -- I was really stuck at this level for days, so now I'm going to try out your tips.

Normannn said...

wow ! giler la beb ! 886 bulan!
tapi ...trima kasih tips ni!!
Pharaoh ni memang perah otak!!

Brandon Teoh said...


It is fun to play and experiment.

Brandon Teoh said...

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