Tuesday, August 02, 2005

NCSM is looking for volunteers

Dear All,
NCSM (Not MAKNA :-)) is looking for volunteers. The details are as below. Please contact Adeline or Anne and join in to help make our campaign a success.
As usual The National Cancer Society will be running the annual Cancer Awareness Week in September. This time, the week will be from 12-18th Sept. There would be exhibitions , info booths and awareness programs in different malls in KL. Also, there will be schools, companies, banks, embassies etc who will be participating in the Wear Yellow Day which is on Friday, 17th where participants make a donation and don a Yellow ribbon to show their support for cancer!
In conjunction with these, this time around we will be running a competition with the wristbands during the CAWeek. So far, we have our wristbands that sell at all Starbucks outlets all over Malaysia But for the Yellow week, the contest will be targetted at those who purchase a band and thus become eligible to participate in this contest.
So we need volunteers on 6th and 7th (Saturday& Sunday) August-this weekend-to help insert the contest cards into small packages. We have 30000 cards to be inserted!! The staff will be there from 10am- 5pm but those who can come need only to offer the time they can spare and what is convenient to them.
So will need loads of volunteeers...as they say.." more hands make light work".

If you can help, call me or Anne at 03-26987300/26917300. Even if it is
a few hours that you can spare, we'd be thankful and appreciative.
Your time and efforts for these projects is greatly appreciated and will
surely help us in the success of our September Cancer Awreness Programs.

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