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How much of your money goes to charity- The Star August 7th 2005

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Important facts:
1. Charity organization like NKF only receives 10% the value which you paid.
2. NKF received like RM8k per month out of the 10 cents received from bookmark sales. For past 11 months, the total valued received is RM79K. (This is not really a big amount)
3. The are around five major charity groups which collect fund from public.
3a. NKF (National Kidney Foundation Fund)
3b. National Cancer Council (MAKNA)
3c. WWF Malaysia
3d. Kiwanis Down syndrome foundation
3e. Shelther Homes for Children.
4. MAKNA has around 40k contributors which contributed around RM1 million monthly.
5. Under the direct-debit program, money would be debited to the foundation first before being paid to solicitors like Sharity Greetings(M) and Asian Direct Support.
6. NKF official said 30% of deductions went to Asian Support Direct for overheads in the first four months of the programme, with another 10% to Sharity Greetings to maintain the database of donors. For every month after that, Sharity Greetings receives 10% of the donors' contributions.
7. Granton and Appco are both part of the Cobra Group, a direct marketing company based in Britain and Australia. Appco operates Asian Support Direct as full subsidiary.
8. Related law:
The Societies Act 1966, he said, required any organisation registered under the Act to obtain approval from the Registrar to collect money from the public.

--------------What do I learn ------------------------
1. At least I know how cross-marketing collaboration works.
2. Not all money goes to the fund but at least we are providing jobs as well.
3. Don't take things for granted, even maintaining the fund requires funding.

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