Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Brian Lariche's food collection-Aug05

Dear All,
Here is the list of items I need for the homes. As you know these months are the ‘driest’ before the festive generosity kicks in.
I will update the list in a day or 2.
As usual, the drop of point for the items is
40, Lorong Maarof,
Bangsar Park.
59000 KL

I would prefer the items be dropped on Tuesday or Thursday between 5.30 and 7.30.

Back to the food collection: PLEASE remember to buy generic brands if possible as it is value for money.
Rice- 200 Kilos
Mee Hoon - 20 Kilos
Biscuits- Cream Crackers and assorted As much as possible
Condensed milk-100 tins
Evaporated Milk- 20 tins
Powdered Milk- for coffee usually so generic brands fine.
Jam -30 bottles each collection
Peanut Butter- 10 bottles
Ribena 8 bottles
Maggi Mee-300 packets
Soya Sauce- thick
Soya Sauce Thin
Oyster sauce
Planta magarine ( must be TINNED )12 tins -large
Cordial-orange and rose syrup- 10 bottles of each ( large 2 litre ones are best)
Instant Coffee- 20 soft packs
Tea- bags and tea leaves
Cooking Oil-15 bottles of 5 kgs
Green Peas- 50 tins
Baked beans- 50 tins
sardines- 100 tins
Tuna- 100 tins
Any other canned food including corn beef
NON FOOD/Household
ANTISEPTIC- 20 bottles. .
Dishwashing soap. 8 bottles if large ones or the tubs- 20
Insect repellent.- 8 tins Baygon or ridsect.
Shampoo- 30 Bottles large
Bathing soap- 100 pieces/bars
Baby diapers- Small & Medium& large
Candles- for power cuts useful NOT decorative
Rubbish Bags- large and medium
Adult Diapers- LOTS!

Thanks for your support.
warm regards

Brian Lariche
Associate Partner
The Liaison Combination-TLC Sdn Bhd
4, Dataran Tunku, Bukit Tunku
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Office phone:6201 4240
Office Fax: 6201 0240

cell phone:+60122975613

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