Saturday, August 14, 2004

my first published - An introduction

I would like to thank the creator of blogger for its ingeniusity and willingness to create such a wonderful platform for helping to relax-human behaviour - we always needed something new, different and fun to do...

As century matures, we found it inadequate just to enjoy passive entertaintment where handsome-looking people played on stage to provide us with thrill, joy, drama, comedy and lust. I felt the time has come for a rather 'new-age' entertaintment where the audiences are part of the show. This is proven by emerging entertaintment series such as 'Survivors' and etc...with real people and action. Though blog has been around for some time, it was usually used by people whom wanted to tell wonderful stories about how great they are and etc... Blog would be a sort of nature-entertaintment which the content is open source type.

Fundamentally, it is great because it never stops entertaining and it is non-fiction.

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