Saturday, August 21, 2004

Charity Collection

Dear all,

Almost done. Just a little more. PLEASE let me know if you can sponsor the items rather than just turning up at my place to avoid over supply of one item. Just need a little more for the coming month. Also, I still need the tricycle for the 2 year old.
Please pass this around to peoiple whom you think can contribute.
For those new on the list, These items collected are passed to homes with HIV+ clients or battered women's shelter.
they are as below

  1. WAKE
  2. WAO
  4. Rumah Soleha
  5. Ozanam House- Batu Arang

As usual, please indicate when you are dropping by to deliver the items to my house.
Wednesday and Thursday evenings, I am in for sure from 6.30- 830 pm.

  • Orange Cordial drink- 10 bottles
  • Condensed milk-50 tins
  • Jam -8 bottles each collection
  • Peanut Butter- 8 bottles
  • Kaya-5 tins
  • Maggi Mee-100 packets
  • Planta magarine ( must be TINNED )6 tins -large
  • Instant Coffee- 10 soft packs
  • Local Coffee- 5 packets
  • Brands Essence of Chicken or Pati Haruan- as many as possible.
  • Green Peas- 40 tins
  • Baked beans- 40 tins
  • sardines- 100 tins
  • Tuna- 100 tins
  • Horlicks- 10 soft packs
  • Any other canned food including corn beef

NON FOOD/Household

  • ANTISEPTIC- 10 bottles.
  • Floor Wash- 12 bottles of 2 litres
  • Washing Soap for Clothes- 10 5kg bags- Urgent
  • Shampoo- 10 Bottles large
  • Adult Diapers- URGENT
  • Body Soap- 100 pieces
  • Tissue paper
  • Toilet paper

drop off point
40 Lorong Maarof,
Bangsar Park
59000 KL
house number : 2284 5613
012 297 5613.
warm regards
Better one friend with a dish of food than a hundred with a sigh!!!!!!!

TLCBrian LaricheAssoc. Partner
31, jalan tunku,Bukit Tunku
tel: +603 26924240
fax: +603 26914241
mobile: +6012 2975613

1 comment:

ahliang said...

bran, how to do this charity thingy? is it okay if people only contribute small amount of the items? or is there any minimum requirement of supply?