Saturday, May 06, 2006

MSN glamorous job

MSN recently published an article about the most glamourous jobs around... and provides tips how to get there..

1. Airline Pilot
Salary Range = $53,000 to S144,140

2. Executive Chef
Salary range = $10.75 per hour to $26.75 per hour

3. Movie producer
Salary range = $35,500 to $88,000

4. News anchor
Salary range = $37,000 to $122,800

5. Fashion Model
Salary range = $500 to $5,000 per assignment up to $10,000 per assignment.

Hey, how about being a blogger ? I am a blogger and so are millions out there. I manage to earn very little money from Google Adsense and there is no complain about it. It is glamorous too, except that the problem is there are millions and billions of them out there.

And I like to think that MSN is quite accurate about it because I once thought about pursuing 4 our of the 5 listed above. I never thought about becoming a fashion model.

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Anonymous said...

Hi nice blog .I need to post resumes .can anybody send links of that sites.
Thank you.........