Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sepet - baru tengok

We have heard about Sepet for couple of years... believe it or not, I just bought an original copy cositng me RM 19.90(I thought local film should cost less) and watched it yesterday. The censorship board took off a few scenes :(

It was, I must say.. a great show. I planning to watch "3rd Generation" and "Gubra" later. No rush.

I am also fascinated by the fact that the movie uses Sam Hui's song for its soundtrack.

仓卒岁月 世事如棋 每局都光怪陆离
* 恩怨爱恨 世事如棋 每局都充满传奇
若频若笑难辨心中意 似比幕前做戏
苦衷抛万里 今天庆幸有知已 捉番盘棋共行乐
冲破内心藩篱 张眼远望 世事如棋
每局应观察入微 但求共你棋艺相比较

难分真与假 人面多险诈
几许有共享荣华 檐畔水滴不分差
无知井里蛙 徙望添声价
命里有时终须有 命里无时莫强求
雷声风雨打 何用多惊怕
心公正白壁无瑕 行善积德最乐也
命里有时终须有 命里无时莫强求
人比海里沙 毋用多牵挂
君可见漫天落霞 名利息间似雾化
君可见漫天落霞 名利息间似雾化
listen to this music


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