Monday, May 02, 2005

Taiwan tourist attraction..

Taiwan recently been hot on promoting tourism among Malaysia, Singapore and etc. I figure they are trying to pull more people into the country to soften China's stand on its Independence approach. China has bascially given its military a legal right to attack Taiwan (as the press knows it) in case the latter moves towards formal independence. With presence of many tourist around Taiwan, such action may have to be deferred. So, if you guys are promoting peace, please promote and visit Taiwan famous for its theme park, tea-farm houses, natural attractions and shopping.

An article claimed that Singapore hard-decision to lift its 40 years ban on casino is meant to soften the reliance on its manufacturing sector and take a creative step towards its tourism industry. As we have predicted, it is meant to solved human-oriented problems, either having more targeted customers or less non-targeted customers is good for them. The main reason cited as below:

1. Reduce reliance on manufacturing sector
2. Improve construction sector
3. Improve ties between Malaysia and Singapore.
4. Create brand new tourism image.

Is Singapore too, felt pressure to promote itself as a tourism attraction in Asia ?

Anyhow, I like the idea of Singapore being more tourism-oriented than so called high-tech oriented, due to its geographical size. Similiar to Penang, one felt much more fun by travelling around an Island with restricted borders.

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