Sunday, May 01, 2005

china - everybody business ?

recent analysis about war spat between China and Japan yields the following conclusion:

1. Japan realized that it has reached a point of saturation where it is impossible for the next break-through without invading the world largest market. In terms of market capitalization and geographic as well as human-aging factor, Japan is seeing a non-growth behaviour. Therefore, they have to move into China where both chinese and japanese have similiar body features compared to westerner or Eurasian.
2. Japan figure that one way to move into china without much hassle is to create a brotherly image among Chinese and Japanese. They do realize their ugly political past and thus took effort to alter the history in hope that the new generation of chinese living in the mainland would somehow forget about their ancestor misery. Japan claimed that the effort is aimed to give its own young generation a positive image about its country; children can't grow up in a positive manner when the history is teaching them to hate its own country. In actual fact, this brain-wash is meant for Chinese youngster.
3. India, Chinese and other countries is seeing more and more stable economic growth and thus Japan would be losing its ground as world second largest economy simply because the market share diminishes slowly. One way is to due with this is to J-V with the world's biggest population.
4. The older generation, if they have nothing better to do, would find it difficult to accept someone who has always been a woman and now claims to be a man. They find this invasion of integrity. They cannot pretend nothing has happened when it had.

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