Saturday, March 26, 2011

Plant vs Zombies: Survival: Fog (Hard) Tips

  • The challenge is not enough energy (can't have double sun flower).
  • Have to use garlic (when one lane is weaken) and ice-shroom (very effective as last resort when your front line of defense is weaken and also effective to deal with large invasions).
  • Biggest threat is catapult zombies. Have to use 'umbrella leaf'. Plant two of it near to the edge and to the pool.
  • Have to use pumpkin to protect all plants, including the energy shroom.
  • Another threat is the 'digger zombie'.To deal with this,plant 4 magnets at the land lanes (one on each lane). Without the digger, it cannot penetrate the ground. Once the digger has been absorbed by the magnet, it will be forced out of the ground.
  • Plant two cattails at the edge of the pool (left side) to deal with balloon zombies, zombies thrown into the edge and also as backup for other lanes)
  • Use a combination of corn and repeater on a single lane. The corn is able to slow down zombies when butter is thrown, this will be your advantage.
  • The most effective way of dealing with Gargantuar is using ice-shroom and corn (which throws out butter) to slow it down while the shooting pea (with fire) shoots it from behind.
  • Plant two lanterns near the right side of the pool to clear the fog.


Anonymous said...
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Ngurah said...

Nice info.. i will try this strategy

Master said...

very useful tips.. Thx

JohnGX said...

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