Saturday, March 26, 2011

Just Bought A Brand New MW829BK

I wanted to a shoe which is 2+1 or 3+1, means it can be suitable for the following:

1.) Walking

2.) Casual

3.) Semi formal

In other words, I am looking for something which is almost all-in-one and lasting.

My experience told me that having good shoes is important, especially if you need to walk a lot, it can save your energy (do not get unnecessary fatigues) and make you walk faster (with the same amount of load).

And to be able to work with semi formal, I need it to be in all black color.

Thus, instead of getting a real leather shoe, I thought why not get something from the sports manufacturer ?

I have shortlisted a few from the Internet, but seems like online browsing does not blend well with real touch.

Eventually, I settled for New Balance MW829BK. The original price is RM 339.00 with 30%, I got it with RM 240++

I went to the shop at The Gardens (3rd Floor).

Trust me, it is a good deal. A good way to save money.

Now with this new shoe, I have no worries if I need to walk day long with pubic transport, or jump into my car for some business events.

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