Monday, June 16, 2008

Last Minute Only

The biggest thing about this Petrol price rise in Malaysia is that people are just not ready.

Due to the fact that Malaysia has been living under the "Bolehland" culture where even many don't believe that we are superior, but in certain ways, Malaysian feel that we are lucky in many ways.

Nobody, even Lim Kit Siang, would have expected that oppositions would take five states in the recent general election. Barisan National is still recovering from shock.

And same goes to the inflation problem, people are just caught off-guard.

Some examples quoted in the newspaper.

  1. Depend on God
  2. Working Extra Jobs (still not enough)

I have spoken to some people with high rise incomes and they think that the petrol price of RM 2.70 is justifiable. Of course, these people can afford to pay for it.

But not the majority who are unprepared.

The government is looking into a system for which people can buy in bulk. This is not a bad suggestion actually.

Personally, I feel that if the inflation problem is left unchecked, Malaysian would be forced to undergo unprecedented social evolution which marks the beginning of complex social-economy ecosystem.

When the sole-breadwinner is not able to make ends meet, options would have to be opened up.

Unless, someone can manage to invent in time a superfood and this will kill the food industries along the way.
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布莱恩 said...

we take it instead of blaming it.
we make more money instead of crying for hungry.
so, we need to go for it instead of going against it.

Make our life simple!