Friday, June 13, 2008

Do U Believe in Bad Luck ?

I do.

Let me try to illustrate it to you.

I was at Starbucks (Amcorp Mall) at around 4pm. I wasn't feeling hyper today due to slight fever.

So, as human nature, when the body is weaken, the mind starts to purify itself.

I found a place and sat there comfortably, trying to do many things on the Internet.

It wasn't low time, the place (Starbucks) was filled with people.

Suddenly, came walking in a stranger dressed in black T-Shirt. He was trying to market something or maybe donation. He approached people starting from the door and since I am in the purifying process, I feel that I would definitely entertain this poor fella.

One by one, he was rejected by the people he approached. I waited anxiously until he reached my place and I didn't try to look into his eyes.

You know what ?????

He skipped me.

He left.

Damn, is he bad luck or me ?

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