Sunday, March 19, 2006

well planned marketing

Even though I enjoy doing marketing and working as marketing consultant.. but I am still lacking skills.

When I first saw the advertisement for Lionel Richie concert to be held in Malaysia on March 2006, I thought maybe I should go and check it out. However, the ticket prices turned me away. They were selling at RM 900, RM 1300, RM 1550. Even my boss, who is his fan, said "we are poorer now.. with the increase of petrol prices and BLR.."

I agreed that we are definitely much poorer now, and we get even so when more reality bites factor in.

Then suddenly I thought that perhaps the concert might not be selling good enough, Lionel Richie might be dissappointed then.

However, little did I know that the event was really well planned.

It was held in conjunction with F1 event to be held soon and this set the mood for celebrations. The targeted customers are celebrities, dignities, orang-besar, socialites (like who?) and rich people. Of course, the organizer never expects people like me to attend the concert anyway.

Thus, of course, selling the tickets to these people are easy... and sometimes they are obligated to do so just to keep their profiles rolling. I was at the concert but I know that these people don't belong to the category of "gung-ho" die-hard fans of Lionel Richie. They will not stop at nothing to attend the concert but yet they will not stop to attend it too. To them, it is just part of life; being glamour.

Therefore, I have reasons to believe that these people already booked the ticket since months ago... the advertisement appeared only when more seats were available to be filled up.

In other words, the keyword to it is called "Glamour marketing"

Something for me to learn indeed.

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