Tuesday, March 21, 2006


21-23 March @ 8:30pm Ghrana by BJS
(Adults RM30 / Students & Sr Citizen RM20)

By BJS Qawal Malaysia
The word "Ghrana" literally means "house". More importantly, it refers the house of the teacher (of music). This teacher-disciple relationship forms a
distinctive lineage of musicians and helps to retain the ethnicity of the art and ensures cultural heritage. This production, Ghrana, is amusical
journey that will take you through the different faces and times in the classical and folk music of North Indian Ghranas. This mystical journey will
be accompanied by a visual presentation on the emotions and mood depicting the music throughout the performance.Some of the different types of
North Indian classical and folk music that will be performed include Qawali, Dhadra and Thumuri. The musicians will be accompanied by instruments
such as the violin, flute, sitar and keyboard.

About BJS Qawal BJS Qawal Malaysia is a part of a larger group of performers from the same family of musicians. One such group recently performed in Manchester,
UK and is well known to be superb exponents of Qawali, a style of music with roots in Sufi mysticism. Some of the key musicians involved in BJS Qawal Malaysia
include Haider Ali, Ravin Sikander & Shabeer Ahmed Rana
For Tickets Contact:
KLPac : 4047 9000
TAS @ BSC : 2094 9400

Brian Lariche
Associate Partner
The Liaison Combination-TLC Sdn Bhd
cell phone:+60122975613


Anonymous said...

hi brandon,

well i m preety impress with this show.
i m based in auckland, new zealand.

i would like to invite this people to auckland for a show. i would be very happy if u can get me their contact.
my email address is qawali75@yahoo.co.nz

Brandon Teoh said...

Dear friend,

ok. I will get for you.

Await my email.

Thanks for reading my blog.