Friday, February 03, 2006


胆小的人总是迟迟不做决定,总是在等待,可等到所有事实都一清二楚时,又失去决策良机。成功人士深知,机会属于迅速、坚定和果断敢的决断者。要对某件事做出决定。就必须抓住机会,迅速作出判断,然后毅然决然地付诸行动。不能等到所有行动都一目了然,或等到事实明了一半才做决定。” 人永远得不到自己所需要的全部消息。无论如何,当机力断,拿出勇气!迅速行动!敢作敢为!不要被信心不足档着道路。信心来自行动。- 理查,狄维士 (安利创办人)

Those with no guts will find it hard to be decisive, one can't keep waiting until the condition has proved it to be ripen when opportunity becomes matured. Those who is successful know it well that opportunity has inherent relationship with speed, perserverence and risk taking. In order to become decisive, one has to grab opportunity and come to conclusion immediately only to follow-up with appropriate action plans.

There is no way that things would be apparent before making the right move. We have to gamble to certain extend because human will never have the luxury of having enough information to decide on.

Rules of thumb are; identify opportunities all the time, be courages, speed up, dare to fail and never let lacking of confidence be the hindrance of the path to success which requires one to be adventurous. Confidence is defined with actions. - Rich Devos (Amway co-founder)

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