Sunday, June 15, 2014

Buddhism on the human origins and the creator

In the Buddhist sutra (增一阿含經 (CN) ; Ekottaragama-sutra (EN) ), it is mentioned indeed human origins was heavenly beings.

Also it is mentioned about the creator.

In nutshell (based on the text as spoken by Lord Buddha), the universe was subjected to big-bang creation after which the old world (previous universe) was subjected to destruction, nonetheless, the destruction left out certain realms and one of such is known as the 光音 heaven which was where human origins came from.

After the destruction of the previous world, the big-bang happened and earth was created along with the sun, moon and other planets known and unknown to modern science.

Heavenly beings from 光音 heaven whose heavenly life had almost come to an end, were lured by the virginity of planet earth and decided to come forth to venture out of the heaven.

Once they settled, they found themselves trapped and unable to go back and hence lived on.

According to the text, all human ancestors came straight from 光音 heaven were light skinned color and today's human complexion was a result of different lifestyles, mindsets, influence from the weather and other factors.

When our heavenly human ancestors came to earth, they were greeted by a god (大梵天王) who told them that "I have no creator, I am hence natural,the creator of the universe and parents to all beings".

Please don't take my word for it, go read the text and do your own research.

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