Sunday, January 20, 2013

Be part of JOM BOTAK and show support for CANCER cause

If you are anywhere near A Cut Above Salon, get a FREE shave (courtesy of A Cut Above). Please register 24 hours before visiting the Salon to avoid any disappointment. If you are not within the reach of any of these Salons, just go ‘botak’ from where you are and upload it on Facebook.

You can support the Jom Botak Cancer Cause by purchasing the JOM BOTAK T-shirts. Show the world that you are together in the fight against cancer!

More details.


anne said...

Hi, is a cut above still giving free shaves for jom botak? And do they donate to Makna if I shave my head at a cut above? Hope to hear from you soon, thanks :)

Brandon Teoh said...

sorry late reply.

I really don't have that information. But it looks like the campaign is forever.

I got the information as part of being Makna's donor.