Tuesday, December 25, 2012

WWF-Malaysia Annual Review 2012

Donations from individuals accounted for 50% of funds generated for year 2012. Donations from corporations decreased as compared to year 2011. Total funds for year 2012 was RM 36,955,000.

Total expenditure was RM 35,962,000; 77% of that went to conservation expenditure. Out of these 77%, majority went to species conversation expenditure.

For example,WWF's tiger conservation efforts are making headway in Perak's Belum-Temengor Forest Complex; a vital tiger landscape. The Malaysian governement has committed to construct a viaduck for wildlife crossing at the Belum-Temengor corridor area along the Gerk-Jeli Highway. This vital wildlife crossing, which donors helped make possible, will enable tigers and other wild animals to traverse the highway to find flood and mates, instead of being trapped in forest patches.

More details on Belum-Temengor and tiger poarhing.

The net surplus for year 2012 was RM 993,000.

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