Saturday, January 14, 2012

Phosphate Diet Control For Kidneys' Health

High level of phosphorus will greatly affect the kidneys. When kidneys fail, blood phosphate level increases. High blood phosphate levels absorb calcium from bones causing bones to become brittle and weak in the long term. High calcium and phosphate levels cause skin itchiness, joint pains as well as eye irritation.

Hence, foods that has to be taken minimally are:
  • Beverages - carbonated drinks, cocoa drinks.
  • Cereals & grains - bakery products which contain yeast/self - raising flour / baking soda.
  • Eggs (yolk) and cheese products.
  • Processed meats - burgers, sausages, patties, nuggets etc
  • Sauces and condiments - instant cooking powders/sauces, fish paste, sesame seeds, soup cubes, marmite/vegemite, peanut butter, dried shrimps and mushrooms
  • Dairy /milk products - especially skimmed milk powder
  • Fruits - dried fruits like raisins & sultanas.

Vegetables and fruits are to be consumed at appropriate portions and be cautious about fruits with high potassium level.

For more details, refer to NKF.


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