Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kidney Transplant Recipients Feel Grateful For Her Life

When Lim Chu Ee was 10 years old, she suffered a viral fever, which left her weak and unable to lead a normal life. Little did she realise that it would be a life changing experience. Enrolled into a Chinese school, and enjoying her life as a school girl, with many friends and a happy family, it was an earth shattering experience to be informed by her doctor that her kidneys had failed as a result of the illness.

Out of the blue in 1996, her parents received a phone call requesting them to make a trip to KL as a child had died and the parents were willing to donate her kidneys. Lim and her parents made the journey, hoping for good news and they were not disappointed. Lim was one of the lucky recipients and the other kidney went to another school girl, known only to Lim as 'Haslina' They became good friends over the 3 months hospitalized in HKL.

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