Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Captain America - From Childhood Hero To Hopes

I was borned in 1970(s).

Like many others, I grew up reading comic books such as spiderman, fantastic four and of course Captain America. Captain America was really popular when I was in my primary school, not sure why, I even had a costume of it; I remember.

Now, after 30 years, Hollywood finally made a film out of it and it is played by an actor younger than me.

Captain America; The First Avengers is a great movie, you should go and watch it. It comprises of mixture of drama, love story, fantasy and probably scientific hopes for mankind evolution.

The actors played their roles well, especially Hayley Atwell who plays Peggy Carter; love interest of Captain America.

Chris Evans performs well too, he is able to portray a sickly young man who understands pain and later being transformed into a 'superman' figure who demonstrated the great strength, compassionate and humanity. For some reasons, Evans has that kind of look. I think he is a great actor.

In terms of acting, my favourite is between Tommy Lee Jones (who plays Col. Chester Phillips) and Stanley Tucci (who plays Dr. Abraham Erskine). I think I will pick Tucci for the oscar.

Also, Hugo Weaving plays the villain really well, he is a very talented actor.

For my part, the entertainment values come more from Hayley Atwell. She is an absolute success in this movie; A+++.

This movie tells that love story in the oldies are much better, even though clouded by wars and etc. Love stories then were more pure and happy as contrast to today's complicated humanity.

The one thing I want to stress about is hope. I have a reason to believe that ultimately, all mankind should strive to improve themselves. If you are weak in one area, you should and can always strive to improve on that area. It is the answer to every questions in this human age. And if you mixed it with love, political wars, friendship, science, idealogy and humanity, it is called life.

Fundamentally, it parallels with religions which touch on the reincarnation focusing on the point that what lies ahead is for becoming a more superior beings. From Animal realms to human being realms to heavenly realms and so on and so forth. Means, if you are now a human, you don't really want to become a fish, you prefer to go up with higher intelligence capability. If you are a fish, you would most likely wanted to become a human being. So, the right path is always becoming a stronger and better beings with higher level of consciousness.

Also, I think there is something to cherish that the world has to wait for more than 30 years, in order for Chris Evans to be borned, and to play this role. To me, that is called amazing. Why don't they let me play the role ? You know what I am saying ?

You should watch it. Thumbs Up :D

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