Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sierra Pharaoh Nekhen Gameplay Tips


  1. Use shrines on secluded area. Build shrines for the patron god; Ra.
  2. Do not over built houses, keep population to 1,000 to conserve resources. Build 9x8 housing will be enough to cater for 1,000 population.
  3. Build two temples for the patron god.; Ra.
  4. Build an internal circle to keep necessity services (water, firemen, health) inside by putting a block at the entrance.
  5. Build festival square and perform festival.
  1. Do not over built houses and waste resources.
  2. Try to build a personal mansion later to keep some money.
  3. Perform festival for each god at least once per year, thus every 4 months rotating.
General Tips:
  1. Use roadblock, however, must use it wisely. Roadblock prevents people from traveling out to get jobs.
  2. Palace is the place to keep gold and to provide information about unemployment.
  3. Gold will provide direct income, must harvest as much as possible.

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