Friday, February 20, 2009

Government Is Creative

Sometimes the Malaysian's government is quite creative.

One example is the announcement that most of the vehicles in Malaysia is more suitable for using RON92 petrol.

Of course, if you consider motorcycle to be vehicle, that counts.

Otherwise, this is a bit like tipu kanak kanak...

Let me tell you why... I am a driver of the most popular car in Malaysia, the Proton Saga Iswara 1.3 special edition and guess what is the recommended petrol by Proton itself ?????

RON 97.

Damn it .... if my car can support RON 95 I would be so happy, because it is so damn cheap right ? I know my mechanic almost want to 'rape' because because I tried that once for certain period... and he felt like 'raping' me.

So, how can most cars in Malaysia are suitable for RON 95 ler ?

Somemore RON 92 is only sold by Petronas in certain petrol station only...

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