Saturday, December 22, 2007

Caesar 3 : Syracusae


The biggest problem is there isn't enough places to build enough farm to feed 4000 people. (Try to salvage as much as possible, even at the edges.)

Since there are only three types of food available (wheat, vegetable and meat), the solution is to build three major residential locations with each having one granary accepting only 1 type of the foods available. Meats have to be imported. Vegetable can grow faster than wheat.

The economy can be prosperous, start trading early, selling weapons and oil will give you plenty of fortunes. However, be sure to be the first mover to import something first before traders will buy something from you.

The biggest challenge is to get enough food in order to attract 4000 people to the city. Build as large a residential area as possible (to make food distribution efficient). Don't try to build more than 2 residential area. Check out this scenario which can only hold up to 3400 people (fall short of 600). Check out the scenario here.

One backup plan is to increase wages as high as possible and decrease tax at the same time. (This will be the last resort when your city has a lot of funds and just waiting for people to come in).

Build enough armies to defend your cities. For this scenario, you only need one fort legion with two forts of Javelins. This will be an effective military tactics. Two teams of Javelins will support the legion as the front-runner in each batter. Always take note that legion is good at confrontation while Javelin is effective to throw Javelin from behind. However, legion is not effective against elephant.

Make your warehouse distribution efficient.
  1. Keep one warehouse for each item to be imported near to the dock area.
  2. Keep one warehouse for each item to be exported or used internally in between docks and factory.


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