Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Youth Social Enterprise Initiative

It is a unique challenge to see whether our human networks can make all the differences in the world.We are working on a global initiative that empowers young people tochange the world through social entrepreneurship.If you know young people (age<30)>

The Youth Social Enterprise Initiative (YSEI)wants to support projectsby young people who are creating impact with innovative solutions tosocial problems. Especially those using information and communicationtechnology (ICT) for development as well as other appropriate technologies.We seek to support them by providing mentorship & training programs,networking & seed grants up to 15,000USD per project.If you are a young social entrepreneur (age <>

Please visit OR to learn more and submit your proposal by 30thOctober 2005.

Youth Social Enterprise Initiative (YSEI) is a Global KnowledgePartnership (GKP) Youth Program supported by the Swiss Agency forDevelopment and Cooperation (SDC).

Its partners include MITRA, OrphanIT,TakingITGlobal, YoungAsiaTelevision, Philippines Resources forSustainable Development (PRSD), Development Research Network (D.Net)with TRN as the intiative's lead.(Please send a copy of all mesages that you are forwarding, so we can try to track the search challenge!)

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