Sunday, June 19, 2005

[hatifriends] Details of Brian's food collection you should know for your reference.

Dear All,
I hope this e-mail finds you all well.
As I have gotten a few enquiring emails over the week, I would like to list down the homes I collect for as a reference for you all. This list is NOT static but changes from time to time but this is as it stands now in June 2005.
This collection effort is a personal one and has been going on for the past 4/5 years. These organisations I collect for I know through my work in HIV/AIDS or through my company, TLC Sdn Bhd. It is done for free with the gracious support from people on my e-mail list of whom many have since become friends.

The collection works this way.
I send out an e-mail on odd months with a list of items. Hopefully then the items are delivered on even months with a 2 month supply.
Ideally people reply via e-mail and commit to the items they wish to contribute.
I send an updated list again.
I top up the items left with the financial help of a few long term friends/Supporters who provide the cash and the transport to buy the items.
When I reach the limit, I send out a note.

The above is the ideal, but due to my work and travel and urgent requests from the homes, there are sometimes changes in the schedule.
I also do not collect old clothes or fetch items as I do not have transport. HOWEVER, if you have items that you wish to donate (other than clothes), please do let me know and I will match you with the correct organisation that it can go to. Then you can liaise with the organisation directly. From time to time, I highlight requests from other NGOs/Communities.

Finally, if you have been put on this list accidentally, please let me know, and I will remove you at once.

Thank you all for your support. Please remember that this kind of work has to be a long term effort and ongoing THROUGH OUT the year and not JUST at the festive season. Also donor fatigue sadly means that the people who need help just get less or worse, nothing at all. If anyone out there has the interest to start a similar collection for other NGOs, please let me know how we can work together.

Warm regards and thanks again for taking time to read this.

Brian Lariche
Associate Partner
The Liaison Combination-TLC Sdn Bhd
4, Dataran Tunku, Bukit Tunku
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Office phone:6201 4240
Office Fax: 6201 0240
cell phone:+60122975613

LIST OF HOMES I COLLECT FOR!- some I supply everything from the list, a few just specific items they ask for.
1. WAO- women's shelter
P.O. Box 493, Jalan Sultan,
46760 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 03-79563488
Fax: 03-79563237

2. Rumah Soleha
A shelter for HIV+ women and children in Cheras.
Address is a secret but they were featured many times in the News though address not made public.

3. Pelangi Community Foundation.
Contact Person: Rainer RotthoffTel: 03-4025 2820 or 019-743 7232Website:
Presently located in Puchong but moving to Terengganu
I will be the Admin person based in KL who will collect donations and so on for PELANGI.

4. Rumah Ozanam- In the midst of a revamp
Home for HIV+ women and children48100 Batu ArangSelangor

5. Rumah Jaireh- New Home
Home for HIV+ women and children
Batu Arang

drug drop in centre in Chow Kit and in Pudu

7. Food Not Bombs – Soup Kitchen
A group of young people who serve vegetarian food to the homeless outside St. John’s cathedral( Bukit Nenas) in KL on Thursdays and Sundays at 6 PM. All volunteers and an effort that deserves support.

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Angela said...

Hi, I saw your post while surfing the net for places that accept donations. I wish to keep in contact with you for further information, can you please email me to I wish to give out some presents to children in the orphanage this coming christmas and also donate some clothes, just need to know to where and how. Thanks a lot.