Saturday, March 05, 2005

visiting shopping complexes..

i dropped by Mid Valley megamall yesterday evening after work. One of my reason was to observe people.. motivated by the article I read about philosophy of science and objection, which highlights things are not what it seem.

So i was really curious why would people wanted to visit a shopping mall.. why wonder they shop online or go through direct sales.

1. Some of them likes to show-off (to be notice). Especially those pretty faces and etc. (they wouldn't feel good if nobody is watching them)
2. Some likes to act; meaning likes to be someone else. Especially those who are lacking in self confidence.
3. Free entertaintment. Initially I thought of going for a quick movie.. but then I thought, watching people and doing some analysing is just as good as u can get from a movie.

the big conclusion.. we all visit shopping mall for its fundamental reason; crowd, the people, gathering of people is the purpose for setting up of a shopping mall. Some people claimed that shopping complexes such as Tesco, Marco or Carrefour is in the logistic business (because they help to gather goods all around the world and sell it at one single location), i think that they are in the socializing business.

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